Viv Martin’s Writing

‘The Goddess’, Viv’s new book about how she made the ‘Goddess Series’ of prints. Available as paperback or eBook HERE.

Articles and Seminars
2010 Chapters in ‘Making Space for Creativity’, e-book published by University of Brighton
2008 Workshop ‘Reviving your creativity’ at CLT Conference, University of Brighton, July
2008 Seminar on Artists Open Houses, May 08, Creativity Centre, University of Brighton
2007 Articles published on University of Brighton Creativity Centre website:
‘Thinking, Learning and Creativity’
‘Developing Vision’

2000-2006 Range of articles in health and social care journals covering personal development, change management, project management, leadership and teamworking
1987-current Range of papers published in academic journals covering adult learning, personal and professional development, partnership working and project management

2010 ‘Managing in Health and Social Care’ (Second edition) with Euan Henderson and Julie Charlsworth. London, Routledge
2006 ‘Managing Projects in HR, Training and Development’, London, Kogan Page. ISBN:0-7494-4479-7, pp 216
2004 ‘Leading Interprofessional Teams in Health and Social care’. London, Routledge. Co-authored with Dr Anita Rogers. ISBN: 0-415-30794-5, pp186
2003 ‘Leading Change in Health and Social Care’. London, Routledge. ISBN:0-415-3-546-2, pp 186
2002 ‘Managing Projects in Health and Social Care’. London. Routledge. ISBN:0-415-27620-9, pp 189
2001 ‘Managing in Health and Social Care’ with Professor Euan Henderson. London.
OU / Routledge; co-published reader for B630 The Effective Manager. ISBN: 0-415-25190-7, pp350
1993 ‘Workshops that Work’ co-authored book with Tom Bourner and Phil Race, Maidenhead, McGraw Hill (Training series). ISBN: 0-07-707800-4, pp209

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