My Goddess Book

Available on Kindle and in paperback, The Goddess is about a series of monotypes and paintings that I made from and about the Goddess, a copy of a tiny prehistoric figure. In many ways I should say ‘with’ her, because she kept surprising and challenging me. She was like an imp on my shoulder, questioning and commenting as each image developed. As an artist, this experience was thrilling.

The series began with a sketch I made of a small ‘Venus’ figure. This image was at the heart of my work for most of a year, during which I made 36 monotype paintings on paper and 4 larger oil paintings on canvas. This book tells the story of the development of my relationship with the image of this tiny Goddess and the development of the series. There is information at the back of the book about the monotype ‘printmaking to painting’ techniques used to make these multimedia works.

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