Paul Martin’s Work

Recent work

This series of works on paper were made during a 2 week printmaking workshop in Firenze in May 2018, run by the American master printmaker, Ron Pokrasso.

A specific name for the type of printmaking used is problematic as such a wide range of processes and materials were used. The ink is the versatile AKUA which was rolled, painted or drawn onto a plastic plate. However thin plastic cut out shapes, string, paper and cellophane were used to mask areas, or apply different colours. Sometimes works were hand rubbed but others often went through the press more than once, and were worked on afterwards directly with rollers, brushes, pens, pencils or coloured crayons. They are one-off creations which could be called a mixture of mono-prints, transfer paintings or mixed media!

I started working from some drawings I did earlier in the year of the horses of San Marco in Venice then smaller images of prehistoric horses started to appear in them and I was away! Time passes so fast when you are experimenting and having creative fun!

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