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Viv Martin

Goddess Series

This series began in May 2011 when I re-discovered pre-historic art in the Dordogne area of France. I was particularly struck by the tiny ‘Venus’ figures found in the area. I have had a reproduction of the Venus of Willendorf for forty years and more recently have collected several reproductions of Venus figures found in France – but it was in May that I discovered the Venus of Sireuil, a beautifully curvy kneeling torso with no head, hands or feet and very tiny. Although these are about 25,000 years old, I feel a connection with the women who might have held these figures in their hands, much as they fit into mine.

This series of work is about confronting the past in many different ways, drawing on my own experience of living in a valley close to cliff shelters where people have lived for more than 80,000 years and visiting places where people left evidence of their lives. Read more...

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Rocking Venus Becoming

Precious Shells

Weaving Time


The monotypes are unique prints but share the same measurements (H40.5 xW30.5 cms). They are all printed with Akua inks on Arches 88 paper and many have chine colle, collaged or direct relief print added. Some of the added images are fragments from woodcuts, etching and drypoints and others are drawings on Japanese papers. Please click on each image to enlarge.

Each available framed £250, unframed £220.

Ancient Art monotype Emerging Venus monotype Hearts of Stone Mists of Time Making Waves

Buried Treasure

Making Time

The Three Graces

Red Hot Ancient Moma

Ancient Goddess

Time Travellers

Life Goes on


Life Will Find a Way

Don't Change the Stones

Don't Change the Stones

Daughters of The Moon

Song of Seasons


Lasting Past

Making Her Story

Secret Stones

Sisters in Stone

Children of the Earth

Earth Mother

Digging up the Past

Dance of Time

Bumps a Daisy

Pursuit of Love

Moment in Time


Ancient Energy

Who are you

Veils of Time

Return of Persephone

Ladies in Waiting

I was sad to leave my necklace

I've always loved that necklace

One of my favourite things

Meeting me, meeting you

When you were young Website by Shake It Up