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Viv Martin

Prehistoric Caves

During 2011 and 2012 I made repeated visits to several of the prehistoric caves in the Dordogne, particularly Rouffignac, Font de Gaume and Les Combarelles. These are close to the famous Lascaux cave, which is no longer open because of its deterioration, but which has been extensively studied to make a very accurate replica, Lascaux II. Most of the decorated caves are sensitive to changes in the atmosphere, so there are very strict limits on the numbers of people allowed in each day and as touching the walls would cause damage, very few can go in together. Our visits have been out of season and we’ve been lucky to be able to return several times, so the guides have recognised us and allowed me to make very small drawings. Read more...


The monotypes are unique prints but share the same measurements (H40.5 xW30.5 cms). They are all printed with Akua inks on Arches 88 paper and most have chine colle or collaged digital prints (on archival paper) that are made directly from the drawings I made in the caves. Many have additional marks in mixed media.

Please click on each image to enlarge.

Each available framed £250, unframed £220.


Lascaux II

Magical Mystery Fabulous Beasts Beyond time Our forgotten world Pony Club

Riding the Wave

Outside I heard a cukoo call

Space Invaders

Wonderful things

Swimming reindeer

True test of time

Time after time

Walking the Mysteries

Font de Gaume

Hidden, deep in the cave Gothic heights and stalactites Ancient animals Big bison Out of the sunlight

Many Questions, No Answers

I can hear bison roaring

Look with humility

Spot the bison

Reindeer Kiss

Running reindeer

Tracking the signs

Shapes form in the shadows


Fragments dancing Dizzy Dome Frozen Frieze Making progress Mammoth Meeting

Mark by mark

Mammoth Moment


Shaped by a red line

Route March

Tumbling in Time

Spinning in time

Time Line

Les Combarelles

The Lioness Waits Like a Bat Out of Hell Reindeer Drinking Powerful Women We were there

Cap Blanc

Running Together Silent in soft light Wild Horses Historic Herd  

Horse Whispers

Stabled in Stone

Le Sorcier

Moved by the Sorcerer Casting spells Frisky fragments Deep in the Sorcerer's Home  

Shapes form in darkness

Magic moments


High Five Baby Mammoth I left my mark so long ago Glimpses in the dark  

Looking back, looking forward

Meeting a Memory

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